Professional Pet Preform Mold Design

11 juil

In food and beverage packaging, PET bottles are clearly the most widely used. From edible oils to foods, from pharmaceutical packaging to cosmetic packaging, PET bottles are the only ones in almost every field. PET bottles are currently the world’s most important form of beverage packaging. More than half of beverage packaging uses PET bottles. At present, soft drinks using pet preforms in China account for 60% of all soft drinks, and at least 8 billion Pet Preforms will be produced each year. And this demand trend will increase at an average rate of more than 10% per year for at least the next 3-5 years.

Indeed, PET bottle packaging has many unique advantages, which are unmatched by other PET bottles. However, PET bottles also have some problems that need to be improved. Only by improving these problems can they ensure their leading position in the PET bottle field, and they can also take advantage of other packaging products such as glass bottles.

First of all, the heat resistance of PET bottles needs to be improved. PET bottles may be exposed to high temperatures when packaging many beverages, edible oils, etc. How to make PET bottles have sufficient heat resistance at high temperatures, which is very important. . Increasing the heat resistance of PET bottles will greatly enhance the competitiveness. Secondly, the stability of the PET bottle, if the PET bottle can maintain the reliability and stability of the material in the long-term repeated use, it will make it more useful in the waste bottle market, and will be more affected by relevant departments and individuals. support.

Choosing Jilian mold, we have professional Pet Preform Mould design and experience in this area, we can make specific product design according to your needs, welcome customers to contact us.

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