The Wall Thickness Of The Pet Bottle Preform Blow Molding

27 juin

1. The blown products have too deep vertical stripes:
Causes: 1 Dirty at the die 2 mold sleeve, burr or notch at the edge of the core 3 color masterbatch or resin decomposition to produce dark stripes 4 filter mesh through the hole, material mixed with impurities deposited in the die
2. When the blow molding product is formed, the embryo is blown:
Causes: 1 pet bottle mold blade is too sharp 2 Pet Bottle Preform has impurities or bubbles 3 inflation ratio is too large 4 pet bottle preform melt strength is low 5 pet bottle preform length is less than 5 pet bottle preform wall is too thin or The thickness of the pet bottle preform is uneven. 6 The container bursts when the mold is opened (the deflation time is insufficient). 7 The pet mold mold clamping force is insufficient.
3, blow molding products difficult to demould:
Causes: 1 product inflation and cooling time is too long, pet bottle mold cooling temperature is low 2 pet bottle mold design is bad, the cavity surface has burrs 3 when the mold is opened, the front and rear template moving speed is not balanced 4 pet bottle mold installation error
4. The quality of blown products fluctuates greatly:
Causes: 1 sudden change in the wall thickness of the pet bottle preform 2 Inconsistent mixing of the mixed corners and back feed 3 blockage of the feed section, causing fluctuations in the discharge of the extruder 4 Uneven heating temperature
5, blow molding products flash too much, too thick:
Causes: 1 pet bottle mold expansion mold, clamping pressure is less than 2 Pet Bottle Mould edge wear, guide column offset 3 inflation, pet bottle preform deflection 4 clip blank at the edge of the blade is too shallow or the knife depth is too Shallow 5 pet bottle preform inflation started too early
6. There are bubbles on the surface of the blow molded product:
Cause: 1 The blow screw rotates too fast. 2 screw back pressure is too low. 3 injection speed is too fast 4 injection cycle time is too short 5 nozzle material (re-grinding)
Too rough. 6 uses a volatile material

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