How To Clean Pet Bottle Preform

4 juin

As we all know, most Pet Bottle Preform are narrower on the top and wider on the bottom, which are also small bottle openings. If the inside is dirty, it is difficult to clean, because our hands cannot reach into the bottle, thus the stains inside cannot be cleaned.  So the Pet Bottle Preform manufacturer told everyone how to clean the interior.

Because Pet narrow-mouth bottles are difficult to wash thoroughly.  Therefore, the broken eggshells and fine sand stones can be put into the bottle first, then some detergent can be added, the bottle can be shaken hard, and these stains on the bottle can be cleaned by friction. In fact, the chopsticks can also be wrapped with Pet bags that we do not use, then some cleaning agent can be put into the bottle, and a little water can be put into the bottle, so that the chopsticks can be put into the bottle to move backwards, and the stains can be removed naturally.

In a word, as long as we master some good methods, cleaning Pet bottles will not be a problem, and Pet bottles can be cleaned very clean, we can all collect these knowledge.  Welcome to choose Jilian plastic mold. We are experts in 5-Gallon Pet Preform. The product is reliable in quality and has favorable price. Please contact us if you are interested.

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