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The Deformation Of The Pet Bottle Mould

31 mai

Pet Bottle Preform are available in a variety of formats in life, and we are familiar with its use, but it will affect the use of deformed products, so what causes it to deform? Generally, because of the heat problem, if the liquid or the object injected into the bottle is too hot, it will cause […]

Jilian Mold Brings Perfect Pet Bottle Mould

29 mai

Blowing Pet Bottle Preform will have stains after long-term use, so we need to clean it regularly to ensure the cleanliness of blown PET products and achieve better results. Which cleaning methods can be used? Good cleaning effect? When cleaning blown PET products, you can use the cleaning method, that is, use electric heater to heat […]

Jilian Mold Pet Bottle Mould

27 mai

The blow molding process is a two-way stretching process in which the PET chain is bidirectionally extended, oriented and aligned, thereby increasing the mechanical properties of the bottle wall, improving the tensile, tensile, and impact strengths. Good air tightness. Although the stretching helps to increase the strength, it cannot be excessively stretched. The tensile inflation […]

Pet Preform Manufacturers Production Principles

24 mai

1. No matter what raw materials are used, the Pet Preform Mould should first meet the requirements of no odor. Due to the wide variety of main raw materials available, it is necessary to select the comprehensive properties of the raw materials. Generally, high-density polyethylene is used for the tablets. For polypropylene bottles, if you need […]

The Process Of Pet Bottle Preform Production

20 mai

(1) Process of PET bottle production Material Mixing – Material Plasticization – Injection – Open Blank Mold – Pet Bottle Preform and Mandrel Index – Blow Mold Closing – Pet Bottle Blank Inflatable Cooling – Open Blow Mold – PET Bottle Mold Release, PET Bottle – flame surface treatment – packaging (2) PET bottle production formula […]

The Advantages Of Pet Bottle Preform Packaging Food

14 mai

Advantages of Pet Bottle Preform in food packaging: 1. PET bottles are superior to glass beer bottles in safety; 2, PET bottles are light in weight, which is convenient for long-distance transportation of products, which can save transportation costs for beer companies; 3. The portability of PET bottled beer is better than that of glass bottles […]

Welcome To Choose Jilian Mold Pet Bottle Mould

10 mai

PET chemical name is polyethylene terephthalate, also known as PET, mainly used to produce Pet Bottle Preform. PET has better rheological properties in the molten state, and the effect of pressure on viscosity is greater than temperature. Therefore, the fluidity of the melt is mainly changed by the pressure. Since PET macromolecules contain lipid groups […]

Jilian Mold Pet Bottle Mould To Make You Satisfied

8 mai

Since the market for Pet Bottle Preform is now on the rise, the development of PET bottles is bright. Because of its unique advantages, it is widely used and relied on. Therefore, the requirements for the performance of PET bottles are getting higher and higher. We should consider its durability when choosing PET bottles, and more […]

Pet Bottle Preform Shape Planning

5 mai

At the beginning of the planning of Pet Bottle Preform, planners need to conduct market research, clear customer needs, learn from the same industry in the same industry, understand the molding equipment and production technology level of the company, and establish the concept of the beginning of the planned products. PET bottles need to have […]

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