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Several Points Of Pet Bottle Preform Design

28 avr

Pet Bottle Preform are designed with affirmative essentials and principles to be designed, designed according to the affirmative essentials, with effective application and design concepts to ensure the performance advantages in the application. Most of the bottoms of pet bottle preforms have a convex bottom or flat bottom double rounded layout, because the bottom of the […]

Pet Bottle Mould Follow The Market To Change

26 avr

Global Pet Bottle Preform market: major trends In the near future, due to the many advantages of PET products, the global pet bottle preform market will rise. The most important of these is their long shelf life and light weight. They are also easy to handle. This makes them very popular in the food and beverage […]

Scientific Recycling Of Pet Bottle Preform

24 avr

From the manufacturing material of modern transparent Pet Bottle Preform, almost PET is used. The researchers found that the cleaned PET bottle waste can be dried and granulated by physical recycling. There are two main methods for physical recycling processing for your recycling company: The first method: separating non-PET bottle caps, seat bottoms, labels and […]

Injection Molding Pet Bottle Mould Temperature Requirements

22 avr

Injection molded Pet Bottle Mould are a tool for producing plastic products; they are also tools for giving plastic products complete structure and precise dimensions. Injection molding is a processing method used in mass production of complex parts of certain shapes. Specifically, the material that is melted by heat is injected into the cavity by high […]

Pet Bottle Mould Shape Is Rich

18 avr

Pet Bottle Preform blow molding is a process used to produce hollow plastic parts such as bottles and cans. Pet blow molding machines are machines that perform this manufacturing process. With the application of plastic products in almost all economic sectors, pet blow molding machines have become an integral part of the manufacturing industry. In a […]

Pet Bottle Mould Injection Molding Is Safe And Reliable

16 avr

What is Pet Bottle Preform injection molding: Injection molding is a manufacturing process for mass production of parts. It is most typically used in mass production processes where the same parts are manufactured thousands of times or even millions of times. Injection machine Why use injection molding: The main advantage of injection molding is the ability […]

Jilian Mold Design Lightweight Pet Bottle Mould

13 avr

Pet Bottle Preform are polyester resins. The higher application is on food packaging. Because it is tasteless, it is a kind of material. Food as an entrance, food, as a mass consumer, is concerned about its quality problems, food in the air to prevent too long, it will cause deterioration, and the use of pet bottle […]

Warm Flow Channel Pet Bottle Mould

9 avr

Pet Bottle Preform are one of the types of packaging bottles that are often used in cosmetics. The cost of bottles of this material is not too high, so PET bottles are still very cost-effective for so many cosmetic container materials, and they have been on the market. They are loved by many cosmetic brand customers. […]

Jilian Plastic Mold Pet Bottle Mould Modernization

2 avr

(1) When designing extruded Pet Bottle Preform, if the material is high-density polyethylene or polypropylene, the cross section of the pet bottle should be rectangular or elliptical, for low-melness polyethylene or other flexible pet bottles. The cross section is preferably a circle. This facilitates the extrusion of the contents from the pet bottle. The pet […]

Introduction Of Pet Bottle Preform

1 avr

Today, Jilian molds will introduce some related articles on Pet Bottle Preform. Pet bottles can be applied to food, condiments, toys, stationery and other products. The material of pet bottles can be divided into pet bottles, pet. Bottles, different materials, the scope of application is different, so when looking for pet bottle manufacturers, the first […]

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