How To Recycle Pet Bottle Preform

27 mar

In our daily lives, the waste we see everywhere contains a lot of recyclable materials. These include Pet Bottle Preform, scrap metal, waste paper and glass. Now let’s take a look, what will happen to the pet bottle after recycling? Here we make a brief introduction.

The recycling worker concentrates the collected garbage mixed with various substances in the garbage collection station. Then, when the garbage in the recycling bin is saturated, the large truck will be used to transport the garbage to the large garbage disposal equipment for strict sorting. After this process, the waste paper, glass, pet, and metal are separated. The separated pet will be put into a pet compaction machine with compression function for compression and packaging, and its volume will be greatly compressed. After being pressed into a large package, the package will be taken for cleaning, removing the cap, dehydrating with a dehydrator, etc… These are the preparation processes.

The washed pet bottle is pulverized with a pet pulverizer, melted at a high temperature, cooled and granulated, and then sent to a factory as a raw material for reproduction. Recycling is easy for us. When we are recycling, we are saving trees, forests, animals, and even the whole world… In the process of production, you save raw materials and make our planet healthier. We have less dependence on oil, which leads to a virtuous circle of economic and social development. Why not do such a good thing?

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