Pet Bottle Preform Factory To Do A Good Tryout Work

25 mar

Each set of Pet Bottle Mould will enter the trial mode after the completion of the manufacturing process, especially the TO test mode. It is necessary to check the die of the pet mold, the function of the mold, whether the mold manufacturing is complete, whether the material level is all made, and to test Out of the above projects, the mold engineer must be fully prepared before the TO test, especially pay attention to the following aspects:
1. The basic size of the pet mold, the tonnage requirements of the machine, and the special requirements for the injection molding machine. This information must be communicated to the test module to avoid the situation where the injection molding machine cannot meet the requirements after the mold is placed.
2. Familiar with the mold ejection and pet mold structure, and communicated to the staff of the test department. In particular, some molds are complicated in structure, and there are sequential structures. It is necessary to convey the order of the molds to the test personnel. So as not to cause unnecessary losses.
3. Which test tools and settings need to be configured. Whether the necessary test tool is in place, so as to avoid the situation that the mold is not on the mold frame, and the mold cannot be tested because of the lack of accessories.
4. It is necessary to record all abnormal conditions that occur during the test mode at any time, in order to change the mold after the mold is replaced.
The above is the points that need to be paid attention to before the pet mold is tested. Only when it is fully prepared, can the effect of the test mode be truly achieved. These are also the tasks that the Pet Bottle Preform mold factory must do.

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