The Purpose Of Quality Control Of Pet Preforms

15 jan

Quality control is considered one of the most important aspects of this process in any industry. Especially in the manufacture of Pet Preforms, no matter how seamless your process is, or how efficient your plastic injection mold is, there will always be a few things that don’t go well.

This is the purpose of quality control. It allows you to control how your product is produced before it is released to customers. This way, you can ensure that your customers are 100% satisfied with the product.

What common deficiencies do you need to pay attention to during quality control?
Burn marks

When the gas size or venting holes are insufficient for the process, excess heat builds up. As a result, the final product tends to have some discoloration in the affected area.

Some plastic parts may appear different colors than originally intended. This happens when the masterbatch is not completely mixed or mixed. Most of the time, discoloration is not serious.

Sometimes excess material will flow out with the product. These extra plastic parts are called flashes. This is usually the most easily repaired defect after production.
Wave flow mark

The flow marks are the result of the twisted areas within the mold, leaving a distinct mark on the surface of the plastic article. Although it does not affect the function of the mold, it will affect the aesthetics of the product.
Short shot

When a short shot occurs, the plastic part that appears is missing some parts or features, making it completely useless. This may be caused by erroneous temperatures, insufficient size limiting the flow, insufficient pressure, excessive air retention in the mold cavity, and premature solidification of the mold.

When you have a solid quality control process, these defects are easy to spot once they occur. This means you have the opportunity to correct this situation and avoid further waste of materials and increased costs. Let go of your quality control and you may get a batch of products that you can’t sell. If these defective products fall into the hands of customers, you will immediately lose their trust.

Maintain your reputation as a manufacturer by building a solid quality control team.

The quality control process of the Pet Preform Mould is seamless, and once your product is delivered, it will not only reach but exceed the customer’s expectations.

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