What Is A Pet Bottle Preform?

12 jan

The preform is shaped or shaped into a preliminary shape and size. In short, for Pet Bottle Preform, PET (polyethylene terephthalate) material is shaped into a shape similar to molding into a specific shape and then blown in a blow molding machine. Made into a bottle.

A feature of PET preforms is that the products made from them will be transparent. The surface is smooth and sparked to attract the attention of the buyer. This makes PET preforms an exquisite product. On the other hand, although PET preforms can produce a similar feel like glass. It is not as fragile as glass. This wall is very strong and appears on the container.

What is a pet:
PET or polyethylene terephthalate is an excellent material for the production of pure, healthy and food grade containers. It can be used to produce sparkling bottles that are almost as smooth as glass. It conforms to most food materials and does not affect the physical appearance, taste or smell. It is unbreakable, sturdy and durable, and easy to produce and store. Due to its high support capacity, it is ideal for storing carbonated products. Its permeability to gases is low and humidity increases the shelf life of the product. Due to its high chemical resistance, it is a good packaging material for harsh chemicals and acids. Lightweight, high strength, leak-proof PET bottles and containers are ideal replacements for glass. Containers of any shape, design, color and neck size can be molded. High recyclability and reusability ensure less environmental impact. It decomposes into carbon dioxide and water without chemical residues.

Pet bottles made with Pet Bottle Mould are an excellent waterproof and moisture resistant material. Plastic bottles made of PET are widely used in packaging water, soft drinks, motor oils, cooking oils, pharmaceuticals, shampoos, milk and inks. PET plastics have durability, good transparency and are easy to withstand impact.

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