How To Debug The Pressure Of Pet Bottle Preform Injection

10 jan

The injection pressure of an injection molding machine is usually divided into two stages. The first stage is the stage of injecting molten material into the preform of the Pet Bottle Preform at a high speed. The pressure at this time is referred to as a first injection pressure, a so-called injection pressure. The second stage is the pressure applied after filling the mold, called the second injection pressure or the holding pressure.

If the injection pressure is too low, the filling amount will be insufficient. If the pressure is too high, the density of the part will increase and the shrinkage rate will decrease. However, if it is too high, the product will have a flash or large residual stress. This also makes it difficult to remove parts.

Therefore, when commissioning the product, it should start from a low pressure and gradually increase to determine the appropriate injection pressure.

The secondary injection pressure (holding pressure) is the pressure acting on the material after it is filled into the cavity to cool and solidify. The entire time that pressure maintains pressure is called hold time. Its function is based on preventing flashing and overfilling, from which the machine can then fill the portion of the volume that is reduced due to shrinkage during cooling and solidification with molten material.

To prevent shrinkage (shrinkage) caused by shrinkage of the workpiece. Typically, the hold pressure setting is lower than the injection pressure.

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