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Analysis Of The Production Process Of Different Pet Bottle Mould

29 déc

There are three Pet Bottle Mould blow molding processes: 1. Injection blow molding In injection blow molding, a blow molding rod or mandrel is used throughout the process. First, the parison is injected into a split cavity around the rod. The formed parison looks like a test tube. The mandrel transfers the parison to the blow […]

Looking For The Best Method For Making Pet Bottle Preform

27 déc

Pet Bottle Preform blow molding is a process for making hollow plastic parts. There are three unique processes for creating blow molded parts, including: Stretch blow molding This blow molding process involves the production of hollow objects, such as bottles, having a biaxial molecular orientation. Biaxial orientation provides enhanced physical properties, clarity and gas barrier properties, […]

Jilian Mold Design The Best Pet Bottle Mould

25 déc

If you are looking for the best manufacturer of Pet Bottle Preform blow molding products, then turn your attention to Chinese manufacturers. The experienced and friendly staff of Jilian Plastics exceeded customer expectations and ensured their satisfaction for more than 38 years. Extrusion blow molding They also have a variety of blow molding traffic safety products. […]

How To Successfully Make A Pet Preform Mould

22 déc

The production of Pet Preforms is not so straightforward in reality. Various factors and practices must be applied correctly to ensure the successful production of PET bottles. Therefore, your operation must prioritize the following blow molding requirements: Adhere to precise preforms and bottle designs Use the appropriate grade of PET resin pellets Manufacturing high quality preforms […]

Hot Runner Technology For Pet Bottle Mould

20 déc

Every Pet Bottle Preform in an injection molding plant requires a special manufacturing process, and different products can vary greatly. Means for producing a solid injection molding, and blow molding for producing a plastic product having a hollow region, such as bottles and containers. Injection stretch blow molding combines injection molding and blow molding processes. The […]

Pet Bottle Mould Injection Molding Method

17 déc

Pet Bottle Preform are fairly small partially molded PET products that are sold for reheating and blow molding into plastic bottles. Typically, reheat blow molding machines participate in the manufacture of plastic bottles from PET preforms. What is the quality of the plastic bottle? This depends on the operating conditions of the blowing equipment. The following […]

Jilian Provides A Variety Of Pet Bottle Mould Production Plan

13 déc

Pet Bottle Preform come in a variety of sizes, shapes and colors. They range from opaque to translucent or transparent, so different measurement techniques are required depending on the type of sample. The opaque preform is opaque and is preferably measured with a diffuse d/8 spherical reflectometer. Translucent preforms allow light to pass through, but only […]

Jilian Mold Pet Bottle Mould Remains Perfect

11 déc

The use of PET bottles is so extensive that no one would think about what is in the bottle. PET bottles are used extensively by manufacturers of beverages and sodas, water or juice, or by almost any manufacturer of liquid products. It is not only used to protect content, but also the image of the […]

Temperature Control Of Pet Bottle Mould

8 déc

The main injection molding conditions for Pet Bottle Preform: 1. The temperature of the barrel. The molding temperature range of PET is very narrow, and the temperature will directly affect the performance of the product. If the temperature is too low, it is not good to manufacture plastic parts, dents, and lack of material defects; […]

The Production Of Quality Guaranteed Pet Bottle Preform

6 déc

The success and precision of a Pet Bottle Preform depends on the quality of the mold, but it takes a long time to make a reliable, long-lasting tool – and requires very high precision. In addition, molds are often one of the largest capital investments in the project, so the first correct mold making is critical. […]


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