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Pet Bottle Mould Company Faces Tremendous Pressure

30 nov

Today, plastic bottles are widely used for home and commercial use. Carrying a plastic bottle is very convenient because it is light and easy to handle. It is also economical to buy them because they are cheap and do not require investments like metal containers. Therefore, the importance of high quality caps has also increased […]

Jilian Mold To Improve The Quality Of Pet Bottle Mould

26 nov

Jilian Mold’s Pet Bottle Mould making, refurbishing and conversion service in China is an important part of its complete PET preform and bottle mould products. They provide customers with the choice to replace some parts with new ones to improve the The quality of the molded part (refurbished), or the conversion of the mold into a […]

The Convenience Of Pet Bottle Preform

23 nov

The process of Pet Bottle Preform adds more convenience, which is very useful for this industry. The best in mold making is the bottle in a machine that is consistent in quality and design. There are so many impressive innovations in bottle molds that it is important to get the best technology. It is very important […]

The Advantages Of Pet Bottle Preform Preforming

20 nov

PET preforming mold: four advantages of PET preform molding technology The world’s population has been growing for decades and demand for consumer goods is growing. Similarly, in the past few years, the number of companies in different industries has also grown rapidly. All of this requires the manufacture of a larger number of plastic molds. […]

Pet Preform Manufacturers Manufacturing Procedure

16 nov

Do you know the manufacturing process for Pet Preform Manufacturers? There are two ways in the business sector to develop a polyethylene terephthalate or PET container program. These are extrusion stretch blow molding and perfusion stretch blow molding. Both systems contribute to pet blow molding. Today, different pet containers are in awesome form factor, financially […]

Chinese Pet Preform Manufacturers Have Professional Trainers

14 nov

Jilian Plastics Co., Ltd. specializes in Pet Preform Mould for many years. It has a high quality, precise technology, advanced mechanical technology and process design department, which makes us famous. We have designed a Chinese pre-forming mold for the hot runner system-valve system, and the hot runner system components can be interchangeable on the machine in […]

5-Gallon Pet Preform Manufacturing Choice Jilian Mold

12 nov

Long-term use or non-use of any Pet Bottle Preform mold can cause many accidental damage. What is the cause of the mold damage? Ejector pin and molded pin break After the ejector pin and the molded pin are broken, the eject plate can be reset by the spring. But the pin may remain in the cavity. […]

Jilian Plastic Mould – A Professional Manufacturer Of Pet Bottle Mould

9 nov

Jilian Plastic Mould is a professional manufacturer of Pet Bottle Mould in China. We have a wealth of plastic mold design capabilities and powerful mold manufacturing equipment to provide customers with high quality molds at the most competitive price! Euler Mold is one of the most professional plastic mold manufacturing experts and has been manufacturing plastic […]

Experienced Thin-Walled Pet Preform Manufacturers- Jilian Mold

7 nov

Jilian Plastics is a plastic thin-walled Pet Preform Manufacturers, which have high requirements in size, tools and design. Every step is very important to the quality of the mold. We have been making this mold for many years. We have extensive experience in this type of mold. Our company has a very experienced team to […]

Good Pet Bottle Mould To Improve Product Quality

5 nov

As people’s living standards improve, people’s health awareness gradually increases. People’s pursuit of life is not only quantity but also quality. Therefore, a good cup will play an important role in daily life. A good cup will depend on the Pet Bottle Mould that helps to improve the quality of the cup. The processing analysis of […]


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